Thanksgiving for 2014

I normally follow a pattern of reading my Bible that divides it into 5 sections: history, poetry, prophecy, NT history, and epistles. ┬áIf I’m trying to get through it in a year that means reading 2 chapters of history, one of poetry, one of prophecy, and one of either NT history or epistles five days […]

Getting Ready

I’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving. We won’t be having it until next Saturday so I will be able to get lots of the food ready on Thursday. I’ve done the major cleaning, baked rolls, baked cinnamon rolls, and gotten the bulk of the groceries. I’m still debating whether to use the china or the […]

Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for???? We have much to celebrate this year. We have our new grandson, Oz, Jon’s new job in Muscatine which will bring Kelli’s family back to Iowa very soon, a started building project, health, provision, and lots of growing pains this year. It seems to have been a year of learning […]


Whew!! Okay the high-stress meal of the year is over! Cooking a big heal and having it all come together for a group of people has never been my strong suit, so it’s a little stressful for me, but it was worth it! It was great to have everybody together. Very glad Kelli, Jon, and […]

Stuffed With Stuffing

Okay, now we’re full. The turkey was much larger than needed, but great for leftovers. Even the little boys ate pie…chocolate was a hit. They weren’t too sure about orange salad yet, maybe next year. Tre was very excited to get here and find there was a “real turkey” in the oven. He didn’t think […]

Weekend Plans

Hi there…just checking in. Jon worked at the farm till 10:30 tonight so he got home the same time Greg and Megan got here from Des Moines. She has to drive back to work in the morning and then come back and Tabbi and crew will be over on Sunday for Thanksgiving. So tomorrow I […]

Getting Ready?

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? I went to the grocery store tonight and I think I have everything, but we aren’t having our official Thanksgiving till Sunday. Tomorrow we will go to my mom’s mid-afternoon to see the LeMars clan and whoever is able to come of the local crew for a little while. […]

Megan’s Here!

It’s Megan’s turn for a little spoiling. She came here last night after work and is coming again tonight after work. She leaves by 6:00 in the morning to get back to work again, but I get a little time to feed and spoil her…tonight we’re having roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots in the […]