Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for???? We have much to celebrate this year. We have our new grandson, Oz, Jon’s new job in Muscatine which will bring Kelli’s family back to Iowa very soon, a started building project, health, provision, and lots of growing pains this year. It seems to have been a year of learning about having NO control over things that we may desperately want to control. We’ve been challenged with hard questions about God’s sovereignty in the face of tragedy. We’ve stood beside the suffering knowing that only God can truly comfort. We’ve learned that we have limitations we had not acknowledged previously. And in all these things we have found God faithful. He is sovereign. He does reign. He does comfort and come alongside us in our need. For all these things and many more thank You, God, for this past year with all its challenges and blessings!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and take a little time to really thank the Lord for some very specific things!!

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