Cutest Grandkids

I have the cutest grandkids!!! No arguments allowed!!! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving…all the kids were here for supper Thursday night and we had a great time. The Holthe’s, Culver’s and Tre and Tru stayed overnight. Holthe’s and Culver’s left on Friday morning, and the boys stayed till Tabbi got back from black Friday shopping. Construction was resumed on Friday on our entryway. They’ve worked all day today (Saturday) and plan to work some tomorrow, too.

Jon starts his new job in Muscatine on Monday and it is a wonderful opportunity for their whole family. Kelli and girls are coming here tonight before heading home in the morning. Thank You, Jesus, for this move!! We are so grateful that they will be so much closer!

Thought for the day

There is much to be learned by watching the lives around us. Some display courage, faith, and a growing walk with the Lord. Others seem to demonstrate what happens when faith is a set of doctrines believed more than a relationship deepened over time. This life carries its challenges, and we must let them stretch us and grow us. If we do not, we will not finish well…guaranteed. We must already have our life and walk firmly established on the bedrock of trust and intimacy with God when older age comes because our hearts and minds will revert to their most ingrained habits. If depending on God has been our pattern, we have good ground to work from. However, if we have only ascribed to a doctrinal set of truths, we will not have a living faith that can sustain us and carry us to a good finish. Let the unimportant things fall away and focus on that which will last.

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