Megan’s Here!

It’s Megan’s turn for a little spoiling. She came here last night after work and is coming again tonight after work. She leaves by 6:00 in the morning to get back to work again, but I get a little time to feed and spoil her…tonight we’re having roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots in the crock pot. It’s hopefully a little better than a frozen whatever.

Things are getting a little more normal paced at work just in time for a holiday followed by month end…then I’ll be behind again for a little while. That’s okay, it happens every month. I am looking forward to having Thursday off even though we won’t “have Thanksgiving” till Sunday. I do work Friday unlike some lucky people I know!!

Thought for the day

We really have SO MUCH to be thankful for it’s really hard to put it together in our heads just how blessed we are—especially compared to other parts of the world and culture. And on top of that we have Jesus (in any part of the world and culture), but we have such an abundance of freedom and resources. How can we share with the neighbor, the poor, the orphan, the widow, the immigrant (legal or otherwise), the lonely, the sick, the rejected, then the world some part of what we are blessed with? It seems staggering to even consider in big terms, but can we each find one way to share some part of what we have?

2 thoughts on “Megan’s Here!

  1. Megan – if you even think about eating all the orange salad (sorry Kelli) before I get there on Sunday, you’re going down.tabs


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