Getting Ready?

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? I went to the grocery store tonight and I think I have everything, but we aren’t having our official Thanksgiving till Sunday. Tomorrow we will go to my mom’s mid-afternoon to see the LeMars clan and whoever is able to come of the local crew for a little while. I will bake buns and brownies tomorrow and leave the heavy duty preparations for Saturday. Jon has a project for tomorrow morning while I’m baking. I go back to work on Friday while he works at the farm. What are your plans for the weekend?

Thought for the day

Let’s not forget to give real thanks…REAL THANKS!! It’s easy to get caught up in the preparations and fun…that’s great…enjoy. But take enough time to genuinely thank Jesus for all the blessings in your life, and trust me they are many. If you’re not reading this till next week DO IT NOW!!!

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready?

  1. Im ready! Well., almost….I am making most of the food, but we are going to Omaha to eat it. The turkey is there and Stacey will fix that. Lauren will bring the beans and I will do most of the rest. It should be fun…Larry’s mom is here for the evening and will go in with us tomorrow. She is loosing her hearing and we have to yell all the time..I have a headache. Trying to be thankful for that…she’s pretty well besides that…Have fun!


  2. Yum!!! Eat some for us! We enjoyed our lunch out today and relaxing the rest of the day. Tomorrow we (by we, I mean Jon) will haul out all the CHristmas decorations and do that. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. You guys have a great day tomorrow, too. Don’t overdo with that back. Make sure you get healed up. Had sandwiches and chips and bars at your grandma’s with Olson’s and McDermott’s from about 4-7. Just relaxing tonight and back to work tomorrow!! Really glad you had a nice day together. Love you!!


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