Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you all had a very nice day…ours was a little different than usual. We slept late and had breakfast then Jon went to grind dyes while I baked buns for Sunday and brownies for tonight. We were at my mom’s from about 4 to 7 then back home. Tomorrow Jon will work at the farm and I will be back on the job. We talked to all the kids today and everyone sounds like they had a nice time.

Thought for the day

Today I am really thankful for God’s faithfulness to my family. Even when there uncertainties and questions He stands true and faithful to each one of us. His love does not waver or change; He does not have ‘bad days”; we do not “tick Him off”; He is full of light and love; He sings over us; He will never leave us or forsake us. In the midst of being thankful for Jon, children, grandchildren, home, health, work, provision, and so many other blessings, it’s so good to know that with the passing of time He remains true and faithful to me AND TO YOU!!!

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