Grace surrounds us. On the most ordinary days and in the most ordinary ways, the Lord is pouring out His grace. We think of grace as that which forgave our sin and made our salvation possible.  That is true.  God’s grace was among the forces at work when He provided Jesus as Redeemer and Savior. […]

Communion and Grace

We’re getting new carpet tomorrow! When we started the building project a year and a half ago, Jon told me when we were done we could get new carpet OR wait till Logan died. Since both have happened, it’s now time. We will finish clearing the room today, and can’t help thinking of Logan…what a […]


It’s time for statements again…seems like I just posted that. Today was pretty nice, but tomorrow the high will be around 15 I think. I should check that cool little weather gadget on my blog! Things are looking more promising for Greg and Megan selling the house…next couple of days may be big…PRAY!!We were so […]