Communion and Grace

We’re getting new carpet tomorrow! When we started the building project a year and a half ago, Jon told me when we were done we could get new carpet OR wait till Logan died. Since both have happened, it’s now time. We will finish clearing the room today, and can’t help thinking of Logan…what a great dog she was!! Lots of great memories.
We took communion at church this morning and while we were encouraged to be completely silent and reflective, which is fine, I kept thinking of His words “do this in remembrance of Me”. You know when we gather for a funeral or visitation, there is a lot of remembering going on. What would it be like to remember Jesus after He was “gone” with others who knew Him firsthand? Can you imagine the stories? The joy He brought? The laughter of shared friendships? The overwhelming desire to love and treasure each other the way He had loved and treasured them? We need fresh eyes to see Him present and alive and the source of all.

Thought for the day

My attention has been arrested lately by God’s answer when Moses asked, “Who shall I say has sent me?” God answers, “Say, ‘I Am has sent me. I Am is His name.'” What a powerful name! He is eternal, forever past, forever future, all-powerful, all-knowing, creator of heavens and earth and life. He holds all of creation and time in His hand, yet when asked His name, He says simply, “I Am”. Right here. Right now. In this moment and in this place. In the realization of every need, every joy, every heartache, every pain, every tear, every gift….”I Am”. How can we feel alone? How can we feel abandoned? How can He not be everything we could ever need? It’s been a kind of adventure to just pick an ordinary moment, stop, and realize “I Am” really is present. It is amazing. All is wonder. All is grace.

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