We had a very nice Easter weekend with our family here on Saturday. We colored eggs, cooked food, hunted for eggs, and just enjoyed each other. I hope yours was wonderful, also. We’ve had cooler weather this last week, but some much needed rain and still very nice. We planted a lilac bush tonight and put out a pot of flowers by the front door. We have some smaller pots to fill another day. Thought for the day Spring. It brings new life, new growth, the miracle of resurrection recreated each year before our eyes. My heart is stirred fresh to seek the Lord in a way that allows Him to do new things in me. I feel the longing; I bring it to Him; I want Him to have His way. I have felt this before, but I lack direction. I don’t seem to come away with a plan. Perhaps that is because plan is not what Jesus is after; He wants relationship. With me. I need Him. Fresh. New. Resurrection. What will it lead to? I have no idea, but it will be awesome. Give Him full access and let Him lead the way knowing that He does all things well. He will fulfill His purpose for my good and His glory. Thank You, Jesus!!!

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