What Was I Thinking

How long have I been blind? How could I not see this sooner? I’ve wasted years thinking that I need to find what You want me to do and be…the bigger plan for my life. I’m finding that You’ve been doing Your work all along without my awareness, and, unfortunately, without my enjoyment.

It is good to have you here. I have always been working in your life, bringing you to the life I have for you. Now it is time that you know it and cooperate with Me. Your life is no longer yours. It has belonged to Me for quite some time now, and that is why there are things that seem to go against your grain. You have failed to apply the truth that you have been crucified with Me and your life is no longer your own. You no longer have a right to your own preferences, plans, or personality. Your place is to be an empty vessel for Me to form, fill, and flow through.
Every moment comes to you from Me and is a gift, a grace of My love. Open your eyes to see the gift and your hands to receive the life and grace moment by moment. It is when you enter the moment, see My hand, receive My gift with thanksgiving and the miracle of My life in yours becomes a reality that bears fruit and results in joy. Learn to let everything I bring into your daily grind be an opportunity to see Me, thank Me, and commune with Me. Trust that each moment is the best of My sovereign plan and purpose for your life and My glory. Trust. Me.
Let go of your grip. I hold it all in My hand. Everything is grace and life as you receive it from Me. Let Me fill your life with Mine and just give thanks and rejoice. When things are hard, hold My hand, feel the nail prints, and see your name inscribed on My palm. Enter My rest and trust My love.

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