It’s time for statements again…seems like I just posted that. Today was pretty nice, but tomorrow the high will be around 15 I think. I should check that cool little weather gadget on my blog! Things are looking more promising for Greg and Megan selling the house…next couple of days may be big…PRAY!!
We were so excited to see “Chuck” back on TV tonight…you know it’s the simple things in life 🙂 I’m hoping to get caught up on some things around here this week…still walking regularly (though not this weekend) and so far my foot is okay…YAY!!

Thought for the day

I apparently live in the right climate for me. I don’t like the most extreme days of winter or summer, but it’s February and I’m just starting to think I will enjoy seeing spring come even though I’m still okay with some more winter (6 weeks according to Phil today). I’ve probably said before that I like the change of seasons. They always make be think about the changes in our lives as “seasons” come and go. The spring of new beginnings of any kind at any age…the summer of growth and enjoyment…the fall of full maturity and reaping…the winter of rest or recharging…Throw in the occasional days of barrenness, dryness, celebration, quietness, and chaos and you have a complete life experience that takes the turns and cycles in stride. God promises lives of fruitfulness, days of peace, years of usefulness, all filled with His grace and love until He brings us home to be with Him…then there will be grace for that, too. Fully enjoy the season you find yourself in and don’t fear the next…He is sufficient and promises special provision for each one.

5 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. I like the seasons change too…Fall is my favorite. But I planted a bunch of new bulbs last fall and I cant wait til they appear. To hurry things along a little I am taking a trip to see my friend Kathy in Pensacola FL. I will be gone from this Sunday and will be gone for ten days. I cant wait to get somewhere green…and to put my feet in the sand at the beach again. This time my Jeff wont be there, but I will be able to enjoy my friend. God is good.


  2. Kathy, I hope you enjoy your trip. Wiggle your toes once in the sand for me!!Chuck was funny…a couple of parts a little surprising for 7:00 though.


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