Even thinking about change can be a scary thing. You think you’re all ready…MORE than ready…then you feel your knees knock when you start to take steps. Some things just change all on their own…your kids grow up, you get older (and better!), seasons pass, life cycles. It’s the changes that you choose to make […]

Is a Change Coming?

It’s been kind of a fun, lazy Saturday. This morning was rainy and dark with just a little thunder–YAY!!! I did get some laundry, errands, and cleaning done, but I also went to the library (we still have one…I almost forgot!) and got a new wallet. If you know me, and you do, you know […]


Hey, guys, what’s new? Jon went out on call last night from about 5:30 till after 8:00. Then he was called out again about 1:30 in the morning and had to work till 11:00 even though Monday is his “day off”. He worked at Brad’s in the afternoon and went to bed before 8:00…I would […]

Moved Again!

Hi, everyone!!! Everything is moving quickly now for Greg and Megan. We helped her move from her 1 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom yesterday. Friends went with us with a pickup and trailer so we could bring back some things and get them out of the way. Tre went along with us and was […]


It’s for sure!!! We will move Megan up to a two-bedroom apartment on Saturday…and I mean up…the third floor!! Today was a change day for me. My glasses came, got a haircut and color after work, and changed over all my filing system at home to 2009 now that taxes are done. I even had […]

Time for Change

I brought some work home with me tonight, so that nixed the walking. Otherwise I just worked on laundry. Jon may have to go south to help with the outages from last week’s ice storm…we should know more in the morning. Tonight we’re just making sure that everything he needs is ready in case he […]


It’s time for statements again…seems like I just posted that. Today was pretty nice, but tomorrow the high will be around 15 I think. I should check that cool little weather gadget on my blog! Things are looking more promising for Greg and Megan selling the house…next couple of days may be big…PRAY!!We were so […]

Routine or Change?

I feel like I’m returning to a little more “normal” pace after being gone. I don’t think I’m a creature of habit until I do something just a little bit different (like being gone for 3 days), then I realize how much I’m used to my routine. When I returned to work there was 3 […]