Moved Again!

Hi, everyone!!! Everything is moving quickly now for Greg and Megan. We helped her move from her 1 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom yesterday. Friends went with us with a pickup and trailer so we could bring back some things and get them out of the way. Tre went along with us and was very good help. Next weekend the truck will load in NC and will get to Megan about a week later. The house sale closing is on March 3 and then we’ll know very shortly after that how soon Greg will be coming. What a huge relief for them!!! Thank You, Jesus!!!

Tabbi and Tru came for church this morning (Tre was here overnight) and went back home after lunch. I think we’re tired. It was pretty quiet around here the rest of the day! Jon and Kelli’s family had a very full weekend, too, and sounds like a good time…but I’ll let her share!!

I’m still adjusting a little to my glasses, but I like them…now my hair is a little different, too. I did hear rumors about a windfall and makeovers, and I’m good to go as soon as you can get it all lined up, Kelli!?!?

I’ve got all my pieces in my Blurb project. I may do some rearranging yet, and I will be proofreading for a while. Megan has started to get together some image ideas, so I’m getting really excited. Things will be more hectic at work this week…I’m off for a dr appt on Tuesday and we have open house on Wednesday.

Thought for the day

Our pastor is leaving in three months, and it makes me think about what it is our church needs…pretty hard to put into a simple package to find in a new person, but I will be praying that God gives direction and clarity to those who will be making contacts and decisions. We wish them well…change can be hard, but God is faithful.


2 thoughts on “Moved Again!

  1. Lots of changes again for everybody the past week or so! Something to make this time of the year a little more exciting….. and your birthday this weekend! YAY!What are you guys doing? I haven’t thought to ask you yet.


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