Change of Pace

I had a change of pace today. I went to Omaha this morning for a dr appt, made a stop at Target, then came back through Logan and went to lunch with Tabbi. I really like going to lunch, and I don’t get many chances to do that with one of my daughters. Kelli, we need to figure out how to do that sometime. Megan, you get a turn too! I went to work this afternoon after getting back to town.

Keep praying for Megan and Greg’s house sale to close without any problems. The closing date should be March 17. Already this weekend the moving truck will load up their house and should arrive in Iowa about a week later. Greg will be able to stay with their wonderful neighbors next door after losing his furniture.

Thought for the day

God knows and is faithful. Every delay, every bump in the road, every obstacle in our path comes to us ONLY after passing through Him and holds the promise of our best well being as we trust Him, surrender to His care, and obey Him. He understands our immediate concern, the panicked prayer, the fear that enters in, but He calls us to look it squarely in the eye and declare that He is our provider, protector, and keeper and we will trust Him. And we will trust Him!

5 thoughts on “Change of Pace

  1. It was great…tomorrow better. We have our open house for NFS tomorrow at the vet’s building so that will be something different, too! Are you getting caught up a little?


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