Monday Night

Another fun Monday night…”Chuck” was the best yet with a preview for next week that looks like a great season finale! FINALE….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On “24” Jack is dying of chemical exposure, Tony is now showing up as the bad guy, more twists and turns than you can keep track of! Thought for the day We are working […]

Time for Change

I brought some work home with me tonight, so that nixed the walking. Otherwise I just worked on laundry. Jon may have to go south to help with the outages from last week’s ice storm…we should know more in the morning. Tonight we’re just making sure that everything he needs is ready in case he […]

Project and Progress?

Megan is starting to settle in to her new routine and environment…now she needs more sleep. We’re going to drive over Thursday after work and take her out for her birthday and take her a few more things (thanks, Tabbi). It seems weird not to have her here again…it’s like having her leave for college […]