Time for Change

I brought some work home with me tonight, so that nixed the walking. Otherwise I just worked on laundry. Jon may have to go south to help with the outages from last week’s ice storm…we should know more in the morning. Tonight we’re just making sure that everything he needs is ready in case he needs to go.
It sounds like Megan and Greg will know more about the possible bidding on the house tomorrow…keep praying.

Thought for the day

I’m needing a change. I’m going to the eye doctor this week…probably to get bifocals. I’m tired of taking my glasses on and off, looking for them, and dropping them. I think I’m going to grow my hair out at least a little. Let’s see, what else…? Going to the dentist later this month, but I’m not making any big changes there!! I’m still looking for your suggestions on a hobby or project of some kind (remember, no sewing)…where are you people? I’m not sure how this all qualifies as a “thought for the day”…except that I need some change. Lord, show me the real change that I need and want deep within. Help me to let you remake and transform me in ways that will be more real and worthwhile than my glasses and my hair.

5 thoughts on “Time for Change

  1. I tell you …. online shopping for your children is a great hobby! 🙂 (just kidding!) You could take up daycare…. that would keep you busy! (again, kidding)…. really though. I’m still just thinking. Sorry! I am excited to see which glasses you pick out. and I’m excited about the hair thing!


  2. Hey mom – you and Dad wanna go on a double date with me and Tru Saturday night? He’s thinking Pizza Hut and a movie… Hotel for Dogs playing there? Or Monsters vs Aliens? That would be a change!Tabbi


  3. The shopping thing is a little scary…too much fun! Daycare…no. How do you like my new blog color? Wish you could sample and try hairstyles and colors that easily!Tabbi, you’ve got a date. Hotel for Dogs was already here and gone, don’t know what will be new starting Friday, but I will try to find out. Pizza and movie is always a hit! Thanks for the invite!


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