Chicken and Noodles

I came home from work a couple of hours early today. I’ve been coughing and sniffing and had a scratchy throat, and I was caught up on work. At noon I put a chicken on the stove so tonight it’s chicken and noodles!!! YAY!!! Sounds great to my throat (do throats have ears?).

It’s supposed to be warm tomorrow…50ish. Just enough to make the snow melt and create more icy patches to refreeze!! 50 and some sun is sounding pretty good to me, though.

Thought for the day

Make some time for what feeds your soul…piano music, candles, hugs, laughter, quiet, noise, a good book, a long bath, a short walk, the sound of a train, petting the dog (or cat if you’re Kathy), stroking your child’s hair or hand, prayer, a sunset, clouds, smelling the flowers (spring IS coming), maybe even chicken and noodles. In that moment, however brief, say “thank You, Jesus” and mean it.

5 thoughts on “Chicken and Noodles

  1. Sorry to hear you arent feeling well. I will be praying for you. ummmm Chicken and noodles…I would like your recipe! πŸ™‚Feed my soul….hmmmm….ok…movie tonight and then a hot bath, because with this cold, I just can NOT get warm. Im looking forward to a warmer day tomorrow…Thank you Jesus for my friend, Luann!


  2. Thanks, Kathy, don’t feel BAD, just icky. I’ve got piano music on right now just for me. Get warmed up and enjoy tomorrow. You have to soak up all the warm in Florida and bring it back with you for the rest of us!! And thank You, Jesus, for my dear friend Kathy!


  3. Oops…forgot the recipe. There’s not much to it. Use about a 5-6 qt pot about half full of water to cook a whole or cut up fryer till it starts to fall apart. Remove from water and take off all the bones and skin. Put chopped onion and celery, cut up carrots and potatoes according to personal preference in the boiling water while you work on deboning. Add the meat back in and let cook till vegs are tender. Add a bag of Reame’s frozen egg noodles and keep cooking till they are done (around 30 minutes). You can add thickening if you like according to personal taste. Don’t forget some salt while you’re cooking it all up!


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