I went to the eye doctor today…not much change. I brought home some frames home to look over; we’ll see. Took some of the fun out of it when I heard the price, ouch! I’m hoping for some divine inspiration here…I hate these decisions.
The weekend may end up pretty busy after all…possible plans now for tomorrow night and a double date with Tabbi and Tru on Saturday night. What are your plans??
Keep praying for the sale of Greg and Megan’s house…two VERY interested parties waiting on financing options now.

Thought for the day

I haven’t been too inspired today…I slept in this morning as long as I could because of my cold. Today I’ve been mostly just in survival mode. I wonder how that looks to God when He has done everything to provide for my life and godliness and just go on survival mode. Doesn’t sound too supernatural or inspiring, huh? This much I know…even though I’m in survival mode He is faithful, and He is present, and He is actively involved because He loves me. It’s the same for you…He is with you even when you are just surviving. Take a moment to acknowledge His active presence and continue on. Stay on track and keep doing what is before you thanking Him for His presence and trust that He is doing His work even if unseen and unfelt by you. Carry on and He will carry you.

4 thoughts on “Uninspired?

  1. Good thoughts today Mom. I’m feeling a little under the weather myself. Rest if I can, but carry on… talk to you later.tabbi


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