Even thinking about change can be a scary thing. You think you’re all ready…MORE than ready…then you feel your knees knock when you start to take steps. Some things just change all on their own…your kids grow up, you get older (and better!), seasons pass, life cycles. It’s the changes that you choose to make that can be more overwhelming…where to live, where to work, where to worship, whether to remodel, when to start a family, dog or no dog, cut and/or color, this car or that, regular or decaf…okay, some may not qualify as overwhelming, but some do! I can tell you that you can trust God to open and close doors and work all things for good, but I may not believe it so easily when it’s me. That’s another reason why we need each other…to help us walk through all of the above. I’ve been using more than my share of that kind of support lately, so thanks to you all! I’ll try to manage at least the regular or decaf myself!

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