Snow, Wind, and Change?

It’s Monday again and this time with SNOW!!!! Wow, 4-5 or 6 inches of snow today with WIND, WIND, and more WIND. Megan gets to stay is Des Moines tonight…Alex is working there and could get a room for her overnight. We’re very glad that she won’t need to drive back here tonight. It looks like we’ll be able to move her to her new apartment on Thursday, then she won’t need to drive anymore and can get more sleep…always a good thing 🙂 I hope you are all safely tucked in somewhere warm tonight!!

I can’t help it…it’s the new year and I find myself reading weight loss articles. I did find some good suggestions and facts, though:
1. Activity changes metabolism
2. De-stress
3. Sleep more (I like this one)
4. Cookies are addictive
5. Free radicals (what’s that?) sabotage the signal that tells you you’re full. Avoid them by
eating more fruits and vegetables
6. Be fit…walk…eat healthy…even if you stay overweight
7. Stretch
8. Stand tall
9. Get a hobby
10. Don’t eat standing up
11. Brush your teeth after eating any meal or snack
12. Genetics are a huge factor and can only be overcome to a point.

Who knows? I may be able to use some of these…at least the ones I like 🙂 Wouldn’t mind just making healthy changes. No pressure…just opportunity (a Steve Peterson quote).

Thought for the day

It’s really a life skill…contentment. Sometimes I think the hardest thing to be content with is myself…learning to accept how I am built inside and out, learning the limits and possibilities that God has placed within me, and so on. However, from a viewpoint of spiritual health and growth it is VITAL that I come to terms with these things…it is impossible to accept and receive all that God has for me if I don’t see myself as He does. Look in the Scriptures and prove what He says about you. How much does He love you? How well does He know you? Did He knit and form you in the womb or did He not? Does He know every detail of your thoughts and life or does He not? Does He sing over you or not? You and I NEED to get this right in order to receive from Him. How would you answer these questions? Then read your Bible and answer them again.

2 thoughts on “Snow, Wind, and Change?

  1. Eah….. I decided to chuck this whole idea of weight! (uh…. yeah… right….) Good suggestions though. I’m hoping my Wii fit will give some motivation and inspiration. Although, the little voice that says, “You are overweight”. . . that little voice might find itself in a heaping world of hurt one of these days!


  2. That’s why I liked these…didn’t feel like they were about weight, just healthy ideas. I’m not worrying about it either. Glad you like your Fit…amazing what they come up with!!


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