Super Storm

Snow…snow…snow…We’re getting only the 3-5″ instead of the 6-8″ originally forecasted. At least that’s what the weathermen say. It’s blowing like crazy and I’m not so sure they have the right amounts, but we’ll see. They’re calling this the storm of the century…something like 2100 square miles are to get 12″ or more, or was […]

Catching Up

I’m catching up a little…I put up my tree and decorations on Saturday and wrote some cards on Sunday. I may be cutting back on the number of cards this year, we’ll see. I’ve done some more online shopping and it’s starting to look more manageable. We got snow dumped here today…probably 6 plus inches […]

Internet is Back!

Okay, everybody take a deep breath…we have internet again. Just on the big computer, my laptop won’t be running till we replace the router that went bad. That’s okay…I can blog here and we have email. More importantly, Jon can get to ebay and his klr650 forum!! We’re supposed to get snow tonight. I’ve heard […]

Perfect Snow

It was one of those perfect snows. It fell all day, heavier at times, lighter at others. The wind was blowing some, but still it fell mostly in an even layer about 3 inches deep. It was done by dark, but then the Christmas lights were on shining on and through the fresh layer of […]

Psalm 37

Hooray for the weekend!!! I hope you all have good plans…Jon is on call, so we don’t have any plans made. Jon may or may not be in the field later tomorrow depending on whether it dries enough. We got our first taste of winter today. It snowed most of the day and was windy […]