How do I know, Lord?  What are You saying?  How can I hear You more clearly?  Why do I ask the same things over and over?   You hear My voice, and then go your way.  You know My presence, and then fail to stay and partake fully of My life.  I am not just […]

Perfect Snow

It was one of those perfect snows. It fell all day, heavier at times, lighter at others. The wind was blowing some, but still it fell mostly in an even layer about 3 inches deep. It was done by dark, but then the Christmas lights were on shining on and through the fresh layer of […]

Staying at Peace

Jon called a couple of times today…spent all day working on just 1/4 mile of line. It will be slow process. I worked a little late tonight, but I actually got caught up…a few loose ends that can still be done, but the daily work is caught up. Always a relief. 🙂 We’re getting rain […]