Father, it’s hard sometimes to not be fearful

when we wonder what the future holds.

How will we face the trials that may come?

We have been used to comfort and ease,

and we do not easily let that go.

There are many possible pitfalls,

and it’s easy to go into self-protection mode.

What should be our response to uncertainty?


Do not fear adversity.  I told you that you would encounter trouble in this life.  While you should be sober and alert to what is going on around you, you should not be fearful.  No trial that you face has eluded My grasp.  No matter what its source, by the time it reaches you, I have made it a servant to My will and can use it for good.

Whatever the scope of the difficulty, whether global or very private, My hand holds the reins and directs the course.  It may seem that everything is out of control, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I do not disregard your helplessness.  In fact, I want you to embrace it, to know for certain that you cannot meet the challenge before you.  But instead of despairing, I want you to bring your weakness and terror to Me.  Ask Me to deliver, to help, to bring good out of a seemingly hopeless situation.  Ask Me to steady your heart and mind.  Ask Me to be your peace.  I do not demean you for being human.

Be prepared to suffer hardship and endure to the end, knowing that My Holy Spirit lives in you and will guard your heart and mind in order to present you complete when I return.  I have not left you alone.  I have already overcome whatever you may face.


Only in trusting Me will you be able to stand.  I am your only hope.  Whatever the outcome of the trial before you, I am holding you in My hand and will not leave you alone.  True faith grows in adversity.  It may stagger for a moment, but it is purified and refined over time to reflect My glory and My face.

In the meantime, freely share yourself with the world dying around you.  Share life, share love, teach with gentleness and respect, always ready to tell someone about My love for them.  Do not demand your rights; simply love them as I would.  If they reject you, it is because they are rejecting Me.  Shake the dust from your feet and use the next opportunity to share.  Acceptance is not the measure of the value of your life or work.  I am the One who knows value and tests motives.


Do not work according to the pattern that others may try to dictate, but listen to Me.  I have things planned for you to accomplish, and you will only find them if you follow My voice.  So live with eyes wide open, aware, confident of My care, joyful in My presence, patient with those held captive by Satan, praying in all things with a grateful heart and a fearless hope.  Let My peace rule your heart.

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