How do I know, Lord?  What are You saying?  How can I hear You more clearly?  Why do I ask the same things over and over?

You hear My voice, and then go your way.  You know My presence, and then fail to stay and partake fully of My life.  I am not just the lyric of a song or a satisfying thought you enjoy in the quiet moment.  I AM the only source of life to your soul.  I AM the next breath you take.  I AM the manna which is your only nourishment.  To be distracted from Me is to fall back on your own short resources and find them completely depleted within minutes.  The next temptation is all that is necessary to throw you headlong into chaos and defeat. 

Without Me you can do nothing.  Sounds familiar, does it not???  You know these truths, yet you rush ahead into your day and interaction thinking that knowing is enough.  Knowing truth in itself only creates arrogance and judgment.  Living in truth, practicing truth is what brings humility, dependence, and healing to your heart.  Only then are you a vessel that I can use to work outwardly into the lives of others.  The road you and I take together may be filled with people and activity, or it may be quiet and solitary.  That choice is Mine.  Whether many or few are ever influenced or touched is My sovereign choice, so give that absolutely no thought.

Live your life with the desire to please Me alone, and I will make provision for anything beyond that.  Love those in your small circle with fervent sacrifice and unwavering loyalty that always points them to Me so that they will be able to show My love to the world they encounter.  Let Me be forever the spring of every peace, comfort, gladness, and hope that grows in your heart.  Be fully assured of My unwavering purpose to have a living, vibrant relationship with you.  Exchange your self-life and all it entails for My life which abides in you by My Holy Spirit.  My life is the only life worth living, and I AM fully available to you at all times.

Purpose, vision, and creativity are found in Me.  I authored all that exists, and I am eternally unchanging, sustaining and creating forever wonders beyond your discovery or imagination.  Allow Me time and space and My life will always create beauty in everything I touch.  That is especially true of My dwelling place, your heart and life.  New life, living waters, streams of refreshing, beauty, peace, order, creativity, hope, gladness, rest, light, grace, mercy, pardon, and every good and wonderful thing you can think of come from Me and can be poured out through you, changing both you and the world around you in the process.

How will you respond?  How will you choose to relate to those around you and the world you inhabit?  Will you do your best, or will you let Me do My best?  I can do no less.

Acts 17:28a; John 15:4-6; 1 Corinthians 8:1-2; 1 Peter 1:22-23;
1 Corinthians 4:5-10; Hebrews 6:10-12; 2 Timothy 1:14; 1 Timothy 4:14-16;
Psalm 27:4; James 1:16-27

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