There is upheaval in my heart, Lord.

There are issues, questions, waiting, more questions,

repeated prayers that feel like they are on an endless loop,

more prayer requests, and more people to care about.

Some days I let it become a burden and forget that it isn’t mine to carry.


I am your Shepherd; you need not want.  When you set your heart and eyes on Me you find your heart fulfilled and at peace, but the noise of this world brings unrest and disquiet.  Even the things I want you to pray for can become a distraction that causes you to feel need, and be in a state of want.

Most of the needs you pray for are not your own, but you feel them as if they are.  I have designed the body of believers to function best as the members carry one another’s burdens.  What you feel is a sign that you are doing that very thing.  However, you are not meant to be weighed down under the load, but rather to roll that load over onto Me in prayer.  You can each pray for others in ways you cannot pray for yourselves.  As you come to Me you can receive My perspective and you may have more faith to pray boldly for someone else’s need than you would for your own, and they can do the same for you.

This sharing together is vital to the overall health of My church.  You must share your needs with others just as others share theirs.  Roll all the burdens onto My shoulders and truly trust that I not only hear those prayers, but I care far more deeply than you do for each and every person.

You may indeed have to wait, even for years, to see the answers to some prayers, but no prayer is unheard, unheeded, or unanswered.  Do not stop praying, but be assured that delay does not mean denial.  The years of waiting will seem like only a moment when you view them from eternity.  I will not grant the answer before the time has accomplished all of My will.  I know all of the details and consequences of delay, and I know what is best for each heart affected.  Pray for strength, steadfastness, endurance, faith, and tenderness in those who stand in the fiery furnace.  I will not ever forsake them, and neither should you.


I lead you beside still waters and restore your soul.  Let your heart be still and know that I am God.  Allow Me to lead you in paths of righteousness.  This stillness of your heart allows Me to be reflected in your life.  Fear not; no matter where your path leads I am with you and I am leading you there.  Even My instruction and correction will bring you comfort.  I have prepared your table, anointed your life, and made goodness and lovingkindness your constant companions.  Take My hand, follow My lead, and we will dwell together forever.


Psalm 23; 1 Peter 5:6-7; Psalm 46:10

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