Love Yourself

I really think you need a puppy…. This is Annie with Tru. She is a very mellow, sweet little pup and is a big hit. Talk to all your friends…pups are still available. So what’s new with you? I’m still getting my head around this whole new year thing…Had one LITTLE slip at work today, […]

Routine or Change?

I feel like I’m returning to a little more “normal” pace after being gone. I don’t think I’m a creature of habit until I do something just a little bit different (like being gone for 3 days), then I realize how much I’m used to my routine. When I returned to work there was 3 […]

Birthday and Puppies

Today was Jon’s birthday…I think he had a good day. Tabbi and the boys came over for church and stayed till around 3:00. Kelli and Megan called to wish him happy birthday and I know he talked to Bria and Emmy, too. The boys drew him lots of pictures and he got some very fun […]