Wow, my “baby” is turning 27 today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEGAN!! We’re going to see her tonight and take her out for supper…not sure where yet…her choice. A couple of particular memories from 27 year ago… We had spent the last 2 weekends in a row staying at my sister’s in town because of bad weather. […]

Birthday and Puppies

Today was Jon’s birthday…I think he had a good day. Tabbi and the boys came over for church and stayed till around 3:00. Kelli and Megan called to wish him happy birthday and I know he talked to Bria and Emmy, too. The boys drew him lots of pictures and he got some very fun […]


My hooray for the day is our oldest granddaughter turns 8 years old today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIA!!!When I’m at home and in my element my perspective on things is positive. But I find that when I’m put under pressure I can quickly lose sight of all that seemed so clear at a better time. Is […]