Birthday and Puppies

Today was Jon’s birthday…I think he had a good day. Tabbi and the boys came over for church and stayed till around 3:00. Kelli and Megan called to wish him happy birthday and I know he talked to Bria and Emmy, too. The boys drew him lots of pictures and he got some very fun cards. How do you celebrate a birthday in a way that lets that person know how much you appreciate him. Probably not with a cake with screwed up frosting….sorry, Jon. All cake aside, happy birthday, Jon!!!

It’s been crazy windy here today—really crazy. Some more good news…Trever and Tabbi’s dog Sadie had her first litter of pups today (or during the night)…nine healthy yellow labs. They will keep one, the only female. That’s right, 8 males, 1 female…pretty unusual. Congratulations, Sadie!! Sounds like she’s a really good mom. Pups will be ready for Christmas…anybody want a puppy? What a great gift for a child or grandchild!!!!!

Thought for the day

We need to be very careful to choose what we think. There is a lot of panic and fear out there, and we have to understand that we in a war…not against other people, other politics, Wall Street, or enemies we can see. Satan is warring against our peace. We have a God that is bigger than any government, any economy, and any enemy. He has His own reasons for what He does, but He NEVER forgets His own child. Get to know Him and how much He loves you. Trust Him with all that you can’t sort through, and when the enemy attacks your peace do not argue or reason…tell the one terrorizing you that your life belongs to Jesus and he should take it up with HIM. Let others stand with you…this is not meant to be a solo battle. Always renew your mind in the truth and learn what He is teaching you.

9 thoughts on “Birthday and Puppies

  1. Yes, I did have a great birtday. In many ways it's one I will not forget. Thanks, Luann, girls & guys, and a special thanks to Tre, Bria, Tru, & Emmy. Love ya'll!


  2. Thanks momand thanks dadand happy birthday again, and i don’t think i’ll ever forget these puppies’ birthdate…tabbi


  3. Glad I’m not the only one confused by Far Side. Glad the birthday was great and Bria is about over the top with excitement in hoping to see the puppy at Christmastime. She wants to know what the name will be for your newest puppy Tabbi! Glad your birthday was celebrated with some of us there – can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!


  4. Puppy’s name will be Melby’s Little Orphan Annie (we’ll just call her Annie). Trever picked it; fitting because she’s got a nice copper-red color to her like Sadie.


  5. I like the puppy’s name…but I wish it was Wishbone 🙂Kelli, we’re excited about coming up, too. You’ll probably make better frosting though (if there’s cake). You’re welcome, Jon. You’re welcome, Tabbi…thanks for coming.Kathy, I think Logan really likes being an only child 🙂


  6. All right, it's official now. Kathy has gone off the deep end & can no longer be trusted. Did anyone else notice the twisted little HHAHA! at the end of her comment? She's gone over the deep end I tell you. NOBODY listen to her!


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