Time for a Birthday

Had the day home today and baked cookies and Jon’s birthday cake (for tomorrow). He was working most of the day and then we went to Club 191 for supper. Good food. Messed up the frosting on the cake —put in too much sugar. It doesn’t taste bad, but a little granular. OOPS!!! Tabbi’s are coming over tomorrow…I hope they’ll like the cake okay…someone has to help us eat it. Nothing like 2 little boys on a sugar high…

I’m so thankful for Jon’s birthday. He’s the one who’s supposed to get the presents, but truth is he is the one who is a gift to me and to the rest of our family. He always gives and puts others first. He keeps his head on straight and his priorities in line and he loves us all very much. So on Jon’s birthday tomorrow thank You, God, for the great gift of Jon in our lives.

Thought for the day

Sometimes we forget how precious the people close to us really are and how much of a gift they are. I hope God always helps me remember how much I need these gifts in my life no matter how it sometimes looks and feels. I never intend to let my selfishness or pride get in the way of appreciating others…and I regret the times it happens. Lord, keep showing me how to live in a way that puts others first in every way.

3 thoughts on “Time for a Birthday

  1. I don’t blame you.. I was making the recipe 1 1/2 times for a double layer cake, and I remember figuring that for sugar I needed 6/3 cups instead of 4/3. Then I proceeded to use my 1/2 c measuring cup and put it in 6 times instead of 4…duh!!! It’s really sweet!!


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