Clearance Sales and Balance

The weekend comes again…every week!!! How amazing is that? We had a little sunshine late today…a welcome relief after rain and clouds all week. Went to Pamida after work…all clearance items 50% off!! I’ve been eyeing toasters for a year and they had one at original price of $49.99…with a clearance price of $44.99. That means $22.50, right? Nooooo…we get to the check out counter with a couple of other items and she rings us up at $24.04. We told her it should be more. She said no I rang it up at $34.99 and took 50% off. We told her to look at the tag again because it said $44.99 and she looked and said “we are not arguing about’s too hard to change it now!!!” Thanks, Dee!!!! That’s one cheap toaster, and it has a tiny oven area, too.
Then we come home and had leftovers for supper—YEAH!!!! Tomorrow I need to bake a birthday cake and we’re low on cookies. Tabbi’s will be over some time on Sunday for Jon’s birthday, and I’m sure that two little boys won’t understand a birthday without birthday cake!! At least that’s my excuse to bake. And I need to clean, too. Megan works tomorrow and gets Greg on Sunday. Jon and Kelli have his parents there this weekend so everyone is busy and blessed!!

Thought for the day

Sometimes it’s hard for me to balance busy and not busy. How about you? When I’m busy I think what I’d like to be doing if I wasn’t busy. When I’m not busy I can have a really good day or spiral downward feeling lonely or useless. It’s definitely true for me that I need times of both being busy and having down time. I many times have no control over whether I am busy or not, but I need to really learn that whichever I am at the time is God’s choice for me and exactly what I need right then. I need to then relax and ENJOY what He has given. Let’s thank Him and praise Him either way and take that day, or even those years, of our lives and LIVE THEM to the fullest?

4 thoughts on “Clearance Sales and Balance

  1. Enjoy Dad’s birthday tomorrow – at least we’ll see you guys next weekend to celebrate too! I have to get my act in gear for planning this big party Emmy wants next weekend. . . . 🙂 We’re also getting ready for cold. A cold front is supposed to hit late today with 20-40 mph winds and a high temp of 38 with maybe some rain overnight tonight and maybe a few flurries tomorrow night. and windchills in the 20s I do believe for tomorrow! BRRRR!


  2. Wow that does sound cold. We’re supposed to get in the 60’s today after staying in the 40’s all week, but no one has used the word wind chill yet…don’t really miss that word. What’s the plan for today? Call me later…


  3. I love a good deal! Jon’s birthday? Cool! Happy birthday Jon! Jeffs is next Thursday and Lauren’s the following Tuesday. I got a good deal at Petco yesterday. I got two $6. checks to use at Petco for my kitties birthdays…I picked up 6 $1 cans of wet cat foot to use in our traps when we catch the kitties…she only charged me $3 for all six. I argued with her asking if she rang up all six(?). They were buy one get one free!Im better still today. Yesterday, I was sore after the adjustment, but now feel the best ive felt in over a month. On the mend. Thank you Jesus! Back to O Tues and Fri next week….Speaking of good deals Christopher and Banks at the Mall of the Bluffs is having %40 off EVERYTHING today and tomorrow…Im considering a trip…


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