We had no real rain today and even just a little sunshine. Jon was home before 6:00, so we had supper early and just doing chores around home tonight. I was a big girl today and got my flu shot–no crying or screaming. How about you? Do you have your shot yet? Don’t forget!!!

I feel like going to bed…didn’t sleep well last night…but now ER is coming on. I know, tv junkie…
It looks like it’s going to work to go see Kelli’s family in a week and a half. We’ll take Greg and Megan with us…looking forward to it very much!!! Emmy’s planning a combination birthday party for her and Jon and a halloween party. Always something exciting!!

Thought for the day

I really am tired, and I don’t think I can put a cohesive thought together. But I’m okay with needing to not do this right now. God’s okay with it. I hope you’re all okay with it, too. If something comes to me yet I’ll get back on and add it!!

3 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Im tired too…long few days for me…It sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up. Get some rest tonight so you have all the energy you need for these upcoming parties etc. I have my flu shot appointment next Wednesday… I get one free at Larrys work, but have to go to the omaha corporate office to get it. Good excuse to see the kids…


  2. Hi Kathy–had a busy day. Tomorrow have to do some baking…Tabbi’s will be over some time Sunday for Jon’s birthday–56.How about you…any plans for the weekend?


  3. Tired? Surely not! That’s ok! We get an extra hour of sleep next weekend too . . . although I think that just means my girls are awake at 5:30 instead of 6:30!


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