We had no real rain today and even just a little sunshine. Jon was home before 6:00, so we had supper early and just doing chores around home tonight. I was a big girl today and got my flu shot–no crying or screaming. How about you? Do you have your shot yet? Don’t forget!!!

I feel like going to bed…didn’t sleep well last night…but now ER is coming on. I know, tv junkie…
It looks like it’s going to work to go see Kelli’s family in a week and a half. We’ll take Greg and Megan with us…looking forward to it very much!!! Emmy’s planning a combination birthday party for her and Jon and a halloween party. Always something exciting!!

Thought for the day

I really am tired, and I don’t think I can put a cohesive thought together. But I’m okay with needing to not do this right now. God’s okay with it. I hope you’re all okay with it, too. If something comes to me yet I’ll get back on and add it!!

3 thoughts

  1. Im tired too…long few days for me…It sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up. Get some rest tonight so you have all the energy you need for these upcoming parties etc. I have my flu shot appointment next Wednesday… I get one free at Larrys work, but have to go to the omaha corporate office to get it. Good excuse to see the kids…


  2. Hi Kathy–had a busy day. Tomorrow have to do some baking…Tabbi’s will be over some time Sunday for Jon’s birthday–56.How about you…any plans for the weekend?


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