Busy Time

Tonight Jon was working till around 7:30, and Megan got here around 8:30. In the meantime I made a couple of more Christmas goodies. Tomorrow Trever has his left rotator cuff repaired after way over a year of dealing with the injury. Jon will be going to the hospital to wait with Tabbi, but I […]

Recovery Time

Jon started his day going out to Brad’s to grind dyes and such thinking he would also be helping with harvest till late. Instead, he was able to come home around 3:30. We went out for an early supper, stopped by to check on my mom, and now he’s asleep in his chair. It finally […]


We had no real rain today and even just a little sunshine. Jon was home before 6:00, so we had supper early and just doing chores around home tonight. I was a big girl today and got my flu shot–no crying or screaming. How about you? Do you have your shot yet? Don’t forget!!! I […]

Too Late and Too Tired

Busy day at work and praise team practice tonight…Jon not home till 8:30 for supper. The day was fine, but a little too long and I’m a little too tired. We’re trying to make some plans for the weekend and start planning a weekend to go see Jon, Kelli, Bria, and Emmy. Have something in […]