The Good News….

The good news is I won’t be having surgery. The not so good news is that will probably change in the future. But I’ll take the good news for now. Should I need surgery in the future it will probably mean a rod anchored to my pelvis and all the way through the lower curve […]

Thundersleet and Thank You

There was a lot going on today…Trever’s surgery went well and they were back home this afternoon. We were busy at work with the truckload sale. Megan is staying the night at friends in Des Moines because of the weather. We actually had thundersleet toinght…I think that’s a first for me personally. They are still […]

Busy Time

Tonight Jon was working till around 7:30, and Megan got here around 8:30. In the meantime I made a couple of more Christmas goodies. Tomorrow Trever has his left rotator cuff repaired after way over a year of dealing with the injury. Jon will be going to the hospital to wait with Tabbi, but I […]