Thundersleet and Thank You

There was a lot going on today…Trever’s surgery went well and they were back home this afternoon. We were busy at work with the truckload sale. Megan is staying the night at friends in Des Moines because of the weather. We actually had thundersleet toinght…I think that’s a first for me personally. They are still saying 4-6″ overnight, but we’ll know for sure in the morning. We’re praying for a good neighbor for Tabbi and Trever to come and dig them out tomorrow since Trever can’t do that for some time now. We’re very thankful for surgeries that go well, warm houses, and a safe place for everyone to stay in the bad weather.

Thought for the day

It’s so important to be thankful for specific things and to specifically THANK GOD for them. Don’t just “be thankful”…tell Him thank You!! We can coast along taking so many things for granted…things we actually do appreciate…but do we say thank you to the One responsible? Imagine for a few minutes what your life would be like without these blessings…safe travel, good health, warm homes, any and all good relationships, jobs to go to, parents, childen, grandchildren…on and on. We think these things are our right, but there are people everywhere around us who don’t have some of these blessings…they are a privelege, not a right. SAY THANK YOU!!!!

3 thoughts on “Thundersleet and Thank You

  1. So glad to hear Trevor’s surgery went well. This weather is crazy. The lightening and thunder was awesome. Im glad we didnt loose power! Hope Jon wont have to be called out to some forsaken place.


  2. Thundersleet. . . cool! Hope you enjoy your snow and hopefully there is no school for the boys today so if Tabbi doesn’t get dug out today it’s not a big deal!


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