Christmas Question

It’s the last weekend to get ready for Christmas. Need to do some cleaning, a little food work, wrap gifts, and get a few groceries. It’s supposed to be very cold Sunday, so I’ll try to do any running around tomorrow. We will get to have Megan around for a while tomorrow morning before she heads to her second job for the rest of the day. Our plans include Kelli’s family coming in late Tuesday night and staying till Friday morning. Megan will be here for that same time frame. We will have our Christmas on Christmas Day when Tabbi’s family will also be here. I’m taking off work Wednesday and going back on Friday. I hope your plans are falling into place well. We’re praying for good roads and safe travel for everyone!!

Thought for the day

It’s not so much a “thought” but a question. What is your most favorite little piece of Christmas? Whether an ornament, some decoration, a tradition, a song, a food, a memory, a piece of the Christmas story… I’m going to have to think about my answer to this, too. Think it over and post your “favorite”.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Question

  1. I didnt have to think at all to find my answer to your question…My favorite bit of Christmas has always been trimming the tree with the kids…we always made it an evening event, candle light, Christmas music and the lighted Christmas tree made for the perfect way to start off the season of our Lord’s coming. As each ornament was put on the tree, we would talk about where it came from or who we got it from or marvel at the kindergarten craftsmanship of the maker. Many had pictures of the kids as they grew, some home made, some crystal and some a little worn and torn, but special in their own way. I always let the kids hang their ornament where ever they wanted, not worrying about placement. We had some pretty lope-sided looking trees sometimes, but I never minded. Hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and peppermint sticks rounded off the evening…There was always a serenity in that time together, a peacefulness, almost a reverence…I never knew why at the time, but now I know it was that way, so it would become a peaceful and reverent memory for me, as now I trim the tree alone. I continue to recall the stories of each bulb and bobble. Some of the ornaments have gone to live with their rightful owner and I feel a little sad doing it all alone, but I am so blessed to have the memories and guess what? Lauren is doing the same thing with her little one now…the tradition lives on. Merry Christmas!


  2. I'd absoultely have to say some of my favorite things about Christmas are enjoying mom's chicken & dumpling soup and wrapping up a meal with orange salad. One of my favorite memories throughout the years of growing up on Chatburn Ave stems from the that first weekend of December where we decorated the house. It was always so heart-warming to watch the Planet of the Apes marathon – how Christmas”y”! –Megan–


  3. I have so many “favorites” at Christmas it’s really hard to pick, but the thing I keep coming back to when the kids were all home and in the earlier years we all went to cut down a tree and bring it home…usually the first Saturday in December. Jon would get the tree trimmed, evened, even rinsed it down and while it was drying outside the girls and I would start a chicken on the stove and bake cookies…peanut blossoms, gingerbread, maybe even the swedish creams on that day. After the tree came in the house we would decorate it and put out all the other decorations. There were fresh cookies and apple cider and for supper some chicken and dumplings. Later on we got an artificial tree, but no one minded the change and we still did the day the same way. It was “our” time because the actual holiday was spent at grandparents mostly. Now that much work sounds like more than I could get done in a week…even with helpers!!! I must have been younger then!?!?!?


  4. Favorite. . . . I don’t have just one. My favorite Christmas decoration is my little puppy bell I got from Grandma Hansen – all these years and all these moves and it’s still in one piece! Newest favorite tradition. .. doing Christmas in our house with Jon and the girls the weekend before we travel to spend time with family and then being with our families on Christmas. And who can beat Planet of the Apes while tree decorating when we were little!??!?


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