Special Time

It’s been a special weekend. Whiteout conditions yesterday morning kept Megan in Harlan and she wasn’t scheduled to work today either. Jon has been home most of the weekend as well. We’ve been working on some Christmas preps, house cleaning, laundry, ordinary stuff. But as a mom with all her children grown it’s been a rare privilege to have one on one time with Megan for a stretch of time…it’s been a blessing to my heart. We’re praying for clear weather and roads for Kelli’s family to drive down here Tuesday night, and really looking forward to all being together on Thursday. We will greatly miss Greg, and we’re thankful for his good neighbors who will be taking good care of him on Christmas Day.

Thought for the day

Went to church this morning to see the Christmas program. It was very well done and we were glad it included a chance for the congregation to sing carols as part of the program. There are few things more Christmas-y than a stage full of children singing and saying their parts. They did a great job, and it stirs up all kinds of memories of my girls in their programs. I’m glad they were in all those programs and have those memories, too.

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