Merry Christmas!!!

Here we go!! Jon, Kelli, Emmy, and Bria are on their way tonight from Grand Forks and with all the snow we’ve had, it looks like they will not need to drive in falling snow after going through Fargo…thanks, God!! Megan will come here tonight after work in Des Moines. We will be calling Greg often in NC so we can be together via cell phone. I have tomorrow off and Jon works till just noon so there will be lots of preparations tomorrow. Thursday Trever, Tabbi, Tre, and Tru will come and join those already here for our family Christmas. I probably won’t find time to add any posts till the weekend, so I want to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas full of safe travel, time with family and friends, and safety for those who are not able to come…special wishes to all absentees!!!
As always, may we take time to remember, reflect, enjoy, and bask in God’s great love shown in the gift of Jesus and all that He brings. Thank You, God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for the greatest gift!!!

One thought on “Merry Christmas!!!

  1. Sounds like you are going to have a busy time. I just started my baking yesterday…we will be basking in our alone-ness until Friday when we will go get Larry’s mom. Then on Saturday get ready for the rib-fest!!! everyone will be here so our house will be “alive” with action! We want to wish you and Jon a very Merry Christmas!


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