Welcome to the Clan, Annie

The house is almost quiet. Jon and Kelli left Bailey with us till some time tomorrow while they are in Omaha. She looked all around the house for them when I came home for work then decided if they aren’t here she just as well lay down. Every once in a while she has to get up and make sure we’re both still here and lick our hands then she’s ready for another nap. Megan will go to Winfield tonight and stay there till Monday morning for Christmas with Greg’s family. We wish them all a great time together. Jon and Kelli and girls will head to his grandparents tomorrow (with Bailey) then go home on Sunday. Megan will be back here late Monday night. The big news for today is that there is a new puppy at Trever and Tabbi’s house. Her name is Annie and she is a real doll. I’ll put some pix up soon. Jon is taking calls for the weekend for one of the other guys, so we don’t have any other real plans…except for laundry, cleaning, and starting to put things away again.

Thought for the day

I’m just feeling very blessed. We had such a great time with our family all here yesterday. My mom even joined us for a few hours. The grandkids were so excited to see each other…they hadn’t been together since August…that they really had fun. Of course they were a little impatient to open presents after eating, but when they had to wait a little longer they ran off happily playing and laughing. They are such a fun age and it even seems magical to watch it all with them. We have to stay like children and keep that wonder, innocence, and joy in the midst of waiting, expecting, delays, enjoying the moment for what it is, and playing and laughing together. I’m at a loss for how to put into words just what I’m feeling, but I know I don’t want to lose it, so I hope this becomes clearer in the coming days.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Clan, Annie

  1. Sounds like you had a really good time. I cant wait to see the puppy! We have our big event tomorrow…my house will have 16 in it! yikes. All but three will be spending the night tomorrow night. I hope I make it thru with the magical wonderful feeling at the end like you have…Im thinking Im going to be a worn out, grouchy old lady by the end of it all!


  2. Thanks mom for everything! We had a great time with everyone. And thanks for keeping Bailey for us Friday night too. Now for the unpacking and laundry. . . . ! 🙂


  3. We had a blast – thanks Mom and Dad. The boys had a lot of fun playing and eating and playing and opening presents and playing…Annie is doing well – she’s pretty cute. Tabbi


  4. I didn’t have unpacking, but did have laundry!! Thanks to all of you for coming and spending the day…it was really very special for me…hope it was good for you!! And I can officially agree that Annie is a doll even though I only saw her for a few minutes!! I was also impressed how well Bailey adjusted to being here by herself. Logan was one tired old dog yesterday and hardly got off her pillow when she wasn’t napping in the sun on the deck.


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