The Good News….

The good news is I won’t be having surgery. The not so good news is that will probably change in the future. But I’ll take the good news for now. Should I need surgery in the future it will probably mean a rod anchored to my pelvis and all the way through the lower curve of my spine if not further. Those discs are all shot. The words were, “Everyone’s spine turns to dirt eventually; yours is just ahead of schedule.” Not so comforting, but no urgency either. Going on some anti-inflammatory for now to see how much that helps. I am very thankful that we got clear direction from the doctor. He charted a course and didn’t leave me hanging to decide myself whether I should have surgery at this time.

Thought for the day

I leave all these pieces and things in Your hands, Lord. You know the days of my life and all that they will entail. You hold me and keep me. As my days, so will my strength be. That’s Your promise. I will trust You to make that true in my experience.

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