Doors and Window

More done…wrapping is done (except for one I can’t finish), made caramel corn and cheese ball tonight. Tomorrow Kelli will be on the road, and I’ll make oyster cracker snack tomorrow night. I need to go get more groceries tomorrow, too. I work on Thursday, but have Friday off. That is the day I’ll make […]

Pray for the Week Ahead!

Today we were home all day…well, I was. Jon went over to the shop for the afternoon. He’s still working on trying to put in a remote start on the Suzuki. He has a ton of hours in it…so wishes he had hired it done. I cleaned, baked, and listened to lots of great music. […]

Busy Time

Tonight Jon was working till around 7:30, and Megan got here around 8:30. In the meantime I made a couple of more Christmas goodies. Tomorrow Trever has his left rotator cuff repaired after way over a year of dealing with the injury. Jon will be going to the hospital to wait with Tabbi, but I […]

Call to Prayer

It was a beautiful day today, but just as I was finishing up some computer work so I could take a walk I was hit with a nasty sinus headache and had to take some drugs and try to sleep it away. It worked a little bit, but it keeps coming back so I didn’t […]

Keep Praying

I think we have a pretty quiet weekend ahead. We went out to eat at Victoria Station tonight and came back home so Jon could do some GPS work. I’m planning on spending a little time on the treadmill when I’m done here. Tomorrow by afternoon he’ll probably be helping with combining again. All week […]


Jon was called out again last night from 10:00 till about 12:45 a.m. We went to church; Megan left around 8:30; Tabbi and boys came before noon till about 5:00. The boys spent most of the time outside riding their bikes as you can see. Talked to Kelli and both Bria and Emmy earlier. About […]

Some Weather

Okay it’s really Thursday, September 18, 2008…not sure why the post says yesterday…sorry. Hooray!! Our top five picks made the final five on America’s Got Talent. Okay, so we get excited about the simple stuff. It’s been a beautiful week–fall is always my favorite season, followed closely by spring. Today when I was home for […]


It’s been raining the last few day here, but this afternoon we’re seeing sunshine again. The rain was welcome, but now it’s time to mow again. My husband’s company has its Christmas party tonight, yes, I said Christmas. They do it in September and have golfing in the aftern00n for those who want. It’s nice […]