It’s been raining the last few day here, but this afternoon we’re seeing sunshine again. The rain was welcome, but now it’s time to mow again. My husband’s company has its Christmas party tonight, yes, I said Christmas. They do it in September and have golfing in the aftern00n for those who want. It’s nice because it’s one less thing to fit in in December. Been watching some of the coverage of hurricane Ike hitting Texas…wow, am I glad to not live in a place where I have to deal with that. I’m sure many are so thankful for warnings and evacuations…God help them all. What a mess. I’m baking cookies today–my world-famous oatmeal chocolate chip. I’m pretty sure that if I ever run out in my house that my family will just disown me. Iowa and Iowa State are tied at 3 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Got much more interesting in the 3rd.

P.S. Final score Iowa 17, ISU 5. My sons-in-law really know how to pick winners. Right, girls?

Thought for the day
You know, I’m not much in thinking mode today. I am really just enjoying being home and working around here. It’s good to know that God is with us even when we’re “just doing the normal stuff” and we don’t have to be what we would think of as spiritual to know His fellowship and presence. “Lo, I am with you ALWAYS…”

2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I love this post…I love the sense of relaxation and calm that it emits. I want a cookie! Enjoy your Sunday. We had such a busy Saturday, but now Im vegging in front of the computer…check out and see my first ever video I posted!


  2. I will do that!! Hope you had a great day. Ours was fun. Tabbi and boys came for church and Sunday school and stayed till about 6:00. Just had a good time with them.


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