Race Nights

After a cold windy day the wind went down, the sun came out, and it was a perfect evening for a walk. The small town we live in has a 1/2 mile dirt stock car race track. I could hear the cars racing last night until really late…I know they were still racing at 12:30…then I heard them running this afternoon…and this evening. For many years we have had Friday night races during the warm weather months here. When I was a girl I went every week with my dad to the races…really loud, dirty, smelly, and lots of fun. Because my parents and aunt owned the A&W Drive In, we always had to leave before the last race to get back to the A&W for the “race rush”. We had a parking lot with 30 stalls and intercoms, and in a little over an hour we would fill and empty that parking lot 3 times…and these were almost all hot food orders. Everything was cooked as it was ordered and served fresh. I would run the intercoms, and my dad would sit next to me adding up all the orders and passing them on to the cooks. We all made a great team. It was crazy, hectic, and a lot of fun. We made a lot of great memories there…most of them crazy. I will always miss my dad.

Thought for the day
I said I will always miss my dad, and that is so true. But knowing that actually makes me more happy than sad. I was blessed to have a dad that I really miss. We have lost people that we don’t miss and I know the difference. It is a huge blessing to have people in our lives of such a quality that we miss them when they’re gone. Hold on tightly to the people you love, laugh whenever you can, and make some memories.

3 thoughts on “Race Nights

  1. Oh the good memories of childhood! You are so fortunate to have many memories to hold dear to your heart. I know just how you feel about your dad…thanks for sharing your heart today.


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