Grain Inspection

The start of another work week and I was visited by my state grain inspector. I’ve worked at my job for 12 years and keeping corn records was the most challenging aspect of my work to learn. These inspections are always by surprise and they arrive needing all the records up to date and turned over to them immediately. They average a couple of inspections a year; my last one was in January. The lady that conducted my first inspection said that when she came in and introduced herself I turned white a sheet…I know I felt really sick because I truly had no idea what I was doing. She was a great teacher…many thanks, Gerry. These days the inspection is pretty routine and I generally enjoy it–today the inspector, Dan, was very satisfied with my work which is gratifying in an environment where not much seems appreciated. These inspectors are a pretty good group of guys…of course my favorite is Alex. He’s never done an inspection here, but he raised a great son who married our daughter. Thanks, Alex and Corriene!!

Thought for the day
There are many different things that we may do well but no one seems to appreciate. I’m sure the fact that we notice the lack of appreciation means that we are too self-focused already, and there we are wanting others to notice us as much as we do. It seems that no matter what we do or where we go, there WE are getting in the way of our own walk with the Lord. We don’t usually need Satan or the world to trip us up; we do a fine job on our own just watching ourselves so closely that we lose sight of Him. The truth is that God sees it all. He sees the small detail of a job well done, a kind word spoken, a thoughtfulness to a stranger that cannot be repaid or thanked, an extra hug for the child not ready to go out the door that morning, a smile in answer to a scowl or snarl, a patient word in the face of unfairness. Yes, He sees our shortcomings; but if we belong to Him there is no condemnation and He is drawing us into the light of His fellowship. He sees and knows it all, and He is for us not against us. Our sins are covered by His own blood, and He values us more than we can fathom. He appreciates everything about us and stands in our defense against the accusations of the world, the devil, and even our own self-loathing. We are to be on His side and love what He loves—us. When we don’t feel appreciated by others we can know that the creator and redeemer of the universe is smiling on us and rejoicing over us. Bask in that love.
Romans 8:1-2; Romans 8:31-39

7 thoughts on “Grain Inspection

  1. you know, i heard those grain inspectors do usually say really nice things to people before sending them to the slammer…tabbi


  2. Help who? I’m not sure if the food would be better or worse and by the time you combine “exercise” time with sitting in a cell I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be any better off. Unless the constant whining (mine) took away my appetite.


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