Memorial Day Weekend

Jon is taking some extra days off over this Memorial Day weekend, and I’m taking off Tuesday as well. So far this weekend I worked on Saturday morning, we worked at my mom’s house Saturday afternoon, and we kept Tre and Tru overnight Saturday night. Tabbi came over today for church then they all went […]

Pray for the Week Ahead!

Today we were home all day…well, I was. Jon went over to the shop for the afternoon. He’s still working on trying to put in a remote start on the Suzuki. He has a ton of hours in it…so wishes he had hired it done. I cleaned, baked, and listened to lots of great music. […]

A Trip to the City

I went to Omaha today with Tabbi and the boys to go to their dentist appointments, run errands, lunch, Target, a doctor appointment, and pharmacy…whew!!! Everything took a little longer than expected and it was about 6:30 when I got back to town. Another safe trip…thank You, Jesus!! Jon called earlier and was driving along […]