A Trip to the City

I went to Omaha today with Tabbi and the boys to go to their dentist appointments, run errands, lunch, Target, a doctor appointment, and pharmacy…whew!!! Everything took a little longer than expected and it was about 6:30 when I got back to town. Another safe trip…thank You, Jesus!!

Jon called earlier and was driving along seeing mule deer, sheep, and more deer in groups of fifties and hundreds. Progress is really slow but more help arrived today which will speed things up a lot, at least I hope so!!

Thought for the day

It is good to get out of my usual surroundings and see something different for a day. It amazes me when I even just go to the city and see so many different people. I saw a woman pull into a handicapped parking place and get out of her car. She looked older than me, and when her passenger got out of the car I saw why she had a handicapped permit. I assume it was her daughter…a grown woman who was obviously very handicapped. I always see at least one someone that helps me remember how blessed I am. I was sitting in the van trying to keep 2 little impatient boys occupied while their very capable mom was in the store and was “coming right back”. What a blessing to just be healthy and able to navigate, to have children who grew into adults, and have healthy, energetic, normal grandchildren. Thank You again, Jesus!!!

2 thoughts on “A Trip to the City

  1. Thanks…doesn’t seem to always load, but fun when it does. Still like your hangman better!! Show the girls the jigsaw puzzle at the bottom…thought they might like it.


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