Psalm 119:165

Hi again!! Here I am watching some TV, washing dishes (via dishwasher) and in still finishing up some laundry. I baked some bars tonight to help with a funeral lunch at church tomorrow. Now I just have to remember to take them over there in the morning…that’s the harder part. I hope you all had a good day.

I got a couple of pix on my phone today from Tabbi of a couple of the new puppies with their eyes open—beautiful puppies. I will share pix when I get some on my computer. Don’t forget to share the opportunity for someone to get a new Christmas puppy!!

Thought for the day

A verse I read the other day…”Those who love Thy law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble.” Psalm 119:165
I’m fading fast so I’m going to bed. You’ll have to get your own inspiration from the verse 🙂
See ya!! Sleep well!!

4 thoughts on “Psalm 119:165

  1. Hello Friend, you are one prolific baker! I wish I was your neighbor…bars…yum! I feel better today. I have been force feeding myself Vit C and Airborne and my sore throat is almost gone and I feel pretty ok. Neck is still sore, but getting better with heat packs and adjustments. I hate being such a whiner, but crud, it get’s old. Inspiration from you verse….I like it when I read your inspiration. But just knowing God’s word and trusting in it will make all the outside things that come to try to steal your joy..fall aside…making the way clear for us to Walk with Him and not trip up….Thanks for your prayers, I can feel them!


  2. They were actually just brownies from a box…no biggie. But I ddn’t mess up the frosting this time!! They may be ready to let your dad and Grant leave tomorrow? but they’re waiting to hear if they are being sent to south central SD after that for a few days. Hopefully, he’ll know tonight.


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