Memorial Day Weekend

Jon is taking some extra days off over this Memorial Day weekend, and I’m taking off Tuesday as well. So far this weekend I worked on Saturday morning, we worked at my mom’s house Saturday afternoon, and we kept Tre and Tru overnight Saturday night. Tabbi came over today for church then they all went home later this afternoon. I’ve done some cleaning, laundry, and saw my mom for a little while. Tomorrow we’ll take off as soon as Jon as willing to go to see Greg, Megan, and Oz for a while then head over to see Jon, Kelli, Bria, and Emmy overnight. We’ll spend Tuesday there so we can go to Bria’s softball game in the afternoon and head home that night. Busy, busy, busy!!! Jon’s working away in the garage tonight.

Thought for the day

I’m still wrestling with health and wholeness issues. My acid reflux is gone entirely, and I’m doing just fine without any Singulair. I need some blood work anyway, so I’ll get my blood pressure and thyroid checked as well. However, I’m still not sure how I’m going to get along without an nsaid. One day well, next day not, next day in between. Lord, teach me. Help my unbelief. I trust You.

One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Glad you are feeling so much better and thansk for coming to see us!!! I enjoyed having you and Dad to myself for the day even though the girls thought it “wasn't fair”. Glad that we will get to see you all so much more often now!!


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