Holiness and Wholeness

Lord, I’m learning to trust You
in a new way. I’m realizing that
the salvation You provided is not
only for my soul, but for my body.
I’m seeing the results of Your
redemption in being free of several
health challenges I was facing. So
far, however, some remain. I trust
You for this process and growth in
faith. My greatest concern is to
please You and let You have Your
perfect will in being made not only
well, but holy.

I am so pleased that you are seeking Me. You do well to seek not only My benefits, but My purifying presence. It is always My plan to make My people holy. I spoke of it many times, and it is a major part of My total purpose in the cross and resurrection. Forgiveness is yours, of course, but sanctification is higher and brings you closer to My heart. It requires intimate communion for you to be purified and made whole. The intimacy that results from your search is as great a prize as the result of wholeness in body and soul.
It is so important that you seek spiritual wholeness even more than physical health. I died to provide both for you and am glorified as each is made evident in your life. Do not hide what I do. Do not be afraid to both declare what I have done and be honest about the process you are still experiencing. My reputation is My responsibility, not yours.
Let Me have My way with your time and interests. Hold every moment that you may spend in My presence as precious. Listen to My voice. I am with you always, but you must be aware of Me to commune with Me. Allow no mindless distraction to steal the very treasure that I died for…fellowship with you. You must engage your mind in your work and daily living, but I am to be the home of your in-between moments, your down time, your spare time, your free time, and all those minutes and hours you think belong to you. They are Mine. You lose so much when you waste them and let them slip away.
Following My lead will bring us a level of intimacy that will result in a holy life lived moment by moment drawing on Me for that holiness, wholeness, strength, and health that will glorify Me. You are Mine, and I am yours. We are woven together in a way that cannot be undone, but can be strengthened and made ever deeper throughout life and eternity as you believe the words I have spoken to you. I keep every one of My promises as you lean hard on Me. Learn what I have said and dare to trust that I am true to My word.

2 thoughts on “Holiness and Wholeness

  1. Thank you Luanne! You have expressed Gods heart so well. We are in the process of this healing journey until we meet HIM face to face. It is the deep parts of our heart that need healing as they prevent us from getting even closer to GOD's heart. It is so important to heal all the areas of our souls because as we age the brain defense mechanisms weaken and we become more vulnerable and have less coping abilities. To age well we need to strengthen that inner life. our aging bodies fail and I mind falters but our spirit never dies but thrives. Bonnie Bamford


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