Memorial Day Weekend

Jon is taking some extra days off over this Memorial Day weekend, and I’m taking off Tuesday as well. So far this weekend I worked on Saturday morning, we worked at my mom’s house Saturday afternoon, and we kept Tre and Tru overnight Saturday night. Tabbi came over today for church then they all went […]

Wild Summer

It seems like our summer has become kind of a whirlwind. We don’t travel much, but in June we went to both Grand Forks and Keyport. It has been a little crazy with trying to finish up the decision process on whether we are building a garage now or not. We’re waiting for our last […]

Back in Iowa!!

It’s 2:00 and I just talked to Megan…she and Greg just crossed into Iowa!! They will be at his parents in about an hour and stay the night there. Thanks again, Jesus, for another safe trip! They had some rain along the way and just a few flurries…otherwise clear sailing!In other good news, the Red […]