Wild Summer

It seems like our summer has become kind of a whirlwind. We don’t travel much, but in June we went to both Grand Forks and Keyport. It has been a little crazy with trying to finish up the decision process on whether we are building a garage now or not. We’re waiting for our last bid to be completed…the estimate looked a little more promising. We still don’t know if we’re moving ahead with that project or not.

Next Saturday we will be helping Greg and Megan with some moving, and the following Saturday we will be helping move my mom into her new “apartment”. In addition, there will be a reunion and Megan’s first baby shower still in July. Jon may still be helping with Trever with a his roofing job at some point, and needs to get more work done on a cradle.

On Sunday Tabbi and I took Tre and Tru to the zoo for a few hours. We had a good time, and Tre still wants to be a zoo-keeper when he grows up.

Thought for the day

I’m still reading the E.M. Bounds book on prayer, and it really is an encouragement to pray and keep praying. A quote…
“A ministry may be a very thoughtful ministry without prayer, the preacher may secure fame and popularity without prayer, the whole machinery of the preacher’s life and work may be run without the oil of prayer or with scarcely enough to grease one cog; but no ministry can be a spiritual one, securing holiness in the preacher and in his people without prayer being made an evident and controlling force.”

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